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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the service duration include setup and pack up?

No, the setup and pack up times are separate from your service hire duration.

How much time is typically needed for setup and pack up?

We typically allocate up to 2 hours for setup and 1 hour for pack up to ensure a seamless service. These times are included in the hire service cost.

Can the hire be customized?

Absolutely! Everything from your print design to your backdrop and the photobooth touch screen can be branded to match your event. Your branded prints can also serve as your bonbonniere, adding to the ambiance of your event while offsetting some costs.

What if I need setup or pack up to occur outside the usual hours?

We aim to complete setup by the service start time. However, if you require an earlier setup or later pack up, an idle fee of $50 per hour or part thereof will apply.

What's the difference between an open and an enclosed booth?

An enclosed booth offers a private experience for guests. An open photobooth, on the other hand, can accommodate double the number of people (up to approximately 10) in the photo.

What does digital activation include?

Digital activation allows you to email photo strips and GIFs. However, it doesn’t include the ability to send individual images. For this function, additional software is required at an extra cost of $100 for an ‘Instant Digital Gallery’.

What's included in the Instant Gallery add-on?

The Instant Gallery option provides real-time access to individual images, progressively uploaded throughout the event and accessible via a QR code specific to your event. This option can enhance event exposure and add extra fun.

Is a guestbook worth the additional cost?

A guestbook is a timeless keepsake filled with joyous photos and heartfelt messages. It provides entertainment and nostalgia for years to come. To ensure all your guests leave a message, we recommend an additional host when purchasing a guestbook.

What is an audio guestbook and how does it work?

An audio guestbook is a unique offering where guests can leave voice messages. This option is less intimidating for those who may not be confident in their handwriting or articulating a written message. It also allows you to hear the messages in the voices of your guests, often adding a touch of humor.

How long will the online gallery be available?

The online gallery will be uploaded within 72 hours of the event and will be available for two weeks from the upload date. After this period, the gallery will be automatically deleted and the files will be irrecoverable. A reminder email will be sent to all registered emails 3 days before the gallery is removed. It is the client’s responsibility to retrieve all desired photos before this date.

For other common questions, please refer to our articles on our site.