Capture memories, build connections, and boost office morale

Unleash the Fun: Oomph Booth’s Unforgettable Corporate Event Experiences!

Planning a corporate event that goes above and beyond the ordinary? Look no further than Oomph Booth! We’re here to turn your corporate gathering into an unforgettable celebration that will have your team buzzing with excitement. Get ready for a photo booth experience like no other, packed with innovation, customization, and a whole lot of fun. In this blog post, we’ll show you why our corporate clients can’t get enough of Oomph Booth, and why you’ll be raving about us too!

Brand Magic:Customize Your Corporate Vibe! Take your brand to new heights with Oomph Booth’s personalized photo booth experience. From custom backdrops and branded photostrips to a green screen option, we’ll help you infuse your corporate identity into every pixel. Just ask KPMG, who turned heads with a tropical-themed extravaganza and a custom Oomph Booth setup that perfectly matched their event’s vibe.

Work Hard, Play Harder:

Boost Employee Engagement! At Oomph Booth, we know the power of team spirit. Our photo booth isn’t just about snapping pictures—it’s about fostering connections and creating memories that bring your team closer. Discover the ANL success story, where our booth became the life of their annual employee appreciation event, igniting laughter and building stronger bonds among their staff.

Social Media Superstars:

Drive Online Buzz! Get ready to shine on social media! With Oomph Booth’s instant sharing feature, your guests can spread the excitement of your corporate event across platforms in real-time. Join forces with Chemist Warehouse, whose custom hashtag at their Christmas party sparked a wave of organic marketing and amplified their message to a wider audience.

Leads that Sparkle:

Turn Your Booth into a Networking Gem! Say goodbye to missed business opportunities! Oomph Booth’s data capture feature turns your booth into a lead generation powerhouse. Just ask GPEP, who transformed their trade show presence into a goldmine of over 500 new leads, connecting with potential investors and paving the way for future collaborations.

Keepsakes to Treasure:

Share the Memories! At Oomph Booth, we believe in creating keepsakes that will be cherished long after the event ends. Choose from a range of print formats, including branded photo strips, postcards, or even animated GIFs. See how Miss Makool’s end-of-year exhibition wowed guests with custom photo strips that doubled as bookmarks, leaving a lasting impression and making her event truly unforgettable.

Choose Oomph Booth to Elevate Your Corporate Event! Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary! Oomph Booth is your go-to solution for a corporate event that dazzles and delights. From building your brand identity to boosting team morale and generating buzz, we’re experts at making your event a resounding success. Contact us today to discover how Oomph Booth can take your corporate gathering to new heights!

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